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About Tiger Falls (Puli Aruvi), Courtallam

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Tiger Falls is located at about 2 Kms away from Courtallam bus stand. This waterfall is very small that is suitable for the kids and the old people to enjoy. It is situated between the Main Falls and Old Courtallam. The waters that descend down the cascade end up in a lake that adds to the entertainment at the Tiger Falls. These waters are also deviated to the town nearby and used by the locals for irrigation purpose.

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Tiger Falls is situated inside a private property. They are popularly known as ‘Tiger Falls’ as tigers are seen frequenting the cascade, to quench their water thirst. There is a Sastha Temple and a Bathing Ghat for pilgrims. The flow of water is not too heavy at Puli Aruvi; therefore it is safe for bathing for both kids and aging adults. There is also an old palace, now a private property.

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Waterfalls of Courtallam