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Arni to Mysore Cabs and Vans
Karthi Travels has had its presence in chauffeur-driven car rental sector for more than 30 years. We continuously strive to ensure that we provide reliable, quality and timely cab services. We have wide range of car options right from sedans to hatchbacks and Vans.

You can book any type of car or traveller for your Arni to Mysore taxi service depending on your requirement. You can easily book Arni to Mysore cabs at Karthi Travels 24/7 without any hassle with our easy-to-use booking interface. Book our Arni to Mysore cab service and rest assured you will get quality & reliable services for your Car Rental from Arni to Mysore.

Avail Arni to Mysore car hire and van hire services at Karthi Travels and enjoy a great trip with family and friends.

Make the best use of the services offered by Karthi Travels at the best rates & experience the relaxing and trouble free journey by hiring Arni Mysore or Katpadi Mysore taxi at Karthi Travels. With over a decade of experience in car and van rental services, Karthi Travels is the best cab service provider in the industry, if you are planning to book a taxi.

We also launch few offers during certain seasons and holidays. We try to provide you excellent deals from time to time to help you travel in the cheapest possible fares. With our user-friendly website, you can book taxi online in a few simple steps and avail hassle free car and van rental service. Travel from Arni to Mysore with Karthi Travels and have a pleasant journey.

Arni to Mysore Car and Van Rental Options
At Karthi Travels Car and Van Rentals, you will get many options of car types and travellers to choose for hiring a taxi from Arni to Mysore. Some of the popular car models include Indica, Etios, Innova, Traveller and many others. The table below highlights the various car model options available which you can choose for Arni to Mysore cab booking.

Taxi Type


Suitable For

Tata Indica

4 passengers

Budget Travellers

Toyota Etios

4 passengers

Sedans for Small Families

Chevrolet Tavera

6/9 passengers

Travelling in Small Group

Force Traveller

Upto 12 passengers

Travelling in Large Group

With our well-mannered drivers and great fares, we promise you a wonderful journey. For any further details on Arni tp Mysore car and Van rental, please call us on +919655502002.

Arni to Mysore Cab Tour
At Karthi Travels you get the best deals for your Arni to Mysore cab tour. The cab tour at Karthi Travels is sure to be affordable for you. You can avail the tour depending on the itinerary available.

The details corresponding to the tours opted will be available to you once you make the booking. Karthi Travels’s services are also available for local and outstation travel. You can book outstation cabs and vans and travel to popular destination of your choice and interest.

Arni to Mysore Taxi Fare
We pride ourselves on transparency. With no hidden charges, great cab service at very affordable rates, we offer you the best prices as compared to any other player in the industry. Karthi Travels believes in making travel extremely convenient for customers and we fully understand that the Arni to Mysore cab fare is an important parameter when you make the decision to book a taxi.

Your Arni to Mysore taxi fare will never be a burden on your pocket. You can contact us on +919655502002 for any enquiry or to get more details on Arni to Mysore cab fare. We will also help you plan your trip in the most efficient way possible.

Karthi Travels’s Promise of Quality
1. Affordability: Karthi Travels is the best car and Van rental provider in Arni, if you are looking for an affordable taxi fare from Arni to Mysore.
2. Courteous Drivers: We promise to provide you reliable taxi service with our professional drivers.
3. Timely Availability: Karthi Travels always guarantees timely availability of taxi service.
4. Services across Arni: With excellent services for cabs from Arni to Mysore Karthi Travels's operation is available across all major towns in and around Arni.
5. Wide Range of Cars: You can choose a taxi or Van from a wide range of cars and Vans like Indica, Tavera Sedan and Traveller.

Arni to Mysore Tours
Karthi Travels’s continuous focus on complying with customer demands and travel needs have positioned us as a true customer-centric player in the road travel/tourism sector. In order to make customers outstation travel truly memorable, we offer several Arni to Mysore cab and Van tours. Our website is continuously updated with the new seasonal tours that are launched. You can also call us to explore the various tours from Arni to Mysore. After choosing any of these tours from Arni to Mysore, you can be assured that you are getting the most efficient rates, the most courteous and experienced drivers as well as Karthi Travels’s guaranteed service levels. Customers are provided with options for one way, single day as well as multi-day car and Van tours from Arni to Mysore.

About Mysore
Mysore, also known as Mysuru, is Karnataka's second biggest city, situated in Southern India. It was the erstwhile capital of the Wodeyar dynasty and is considered the cultural capital of the state. Mysore is the cleanest city in India and one of the most well-planned ones. The people of Mysore are famous for their peaceful attitude and helpful nature.

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Mysore Palace
Mysore Palace, Mysore - Karthi Travels | Arni - Mysore Tour

About Mysore Palace
Intricately carved rosewood doors and ceilings some with inlaid ivory work, marble figurines, collections of caskets, paintings of the members of the royal family and other objects of personal use exhibit such opulence,though age as worn them out a bit with slight discolouration. On Sundays and national holidays between 7:00 PM-7:45 PM the palace is illuminated by close to 100,000 bulbs. Entry is from the south side. Cameras must be left at the cloak room, now there are no charges to deposit the cameras.Shoes must be left before the entrance for free.Out side palace photography is allowed Rs. 50 for Indian nationals, Rs. 200 for foreigners.

Brindavan Gardens
Brindavan Gardens, Mysore - Karthi Travels | Arni - Mysore Tour

About Brindavan Gardens
Brindavan Gardens and Musical Fountain at the Krishna Raja Sagar Dam. Nice garden full of fountains, in the neighbourhood of Mysore. At 7 PM the "musical fountain" light and music show begins. It is an extremely scenic and well-maintained garden. It also has a great aquarium that has rare varieties of fishes. If you want to go here via bus, the name of the bus stop is: Main Bus Stand, KR circle.

Chamundi Hills
Chamundi Hills, Mysore - Karthi Travels | Arni - Mysore Tour

About Chamundi Hills
Chamundi Hills has a temple of Goddess Chamundeshwari (or Chamundi). The huge Nandi sta top are available. Atop the hill, Goddess Chamundi's idol is placed in a beautiful temple with marvelous architecture. It is a plastic free zone. Air Conditioned Volvo buses are available to Chamundi Hill and back from the city bus stand every twenty minutes. The charges are very nominal. Rs. 20 for regular queue (typically longer) . Rs 100 for shorter queue.

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Mysore Zoo
Mysore Zoo, Mysore - Karthi Travels | Arni - Mysore Tour

About Mysore Zoo
Mysore Zoo is one of the city’s most popular attractions. Closed on Tuesday. It was established under royal patronage in 1892, making it one of the oldest zoos in the world, and since then millions of people have enjoyed its wonderful animals and spectacular grounds. The zoo has a very successful breeding program and houses animals from more than 40 different countries and there are many native Indian animals as well, including Royal Bengal tigers, white tigers, elephants, giraffe, fallow deer, Himalayan black bear, Gaur (Indian bison), white peafowl and African rhino. The zoo is also home to many other exotic creatures from around the world like Branary sheep, giraffe, hippos and gorillas. The zoo also encompasses Karanji Lake, which attracts several species of migratory birds during the breeding season including painted storks, pelicans and darters. Other attractions include the botanical Garden with 35 species of exotic ornamental plants and 85 species of trees from India and abroad. Visitors can treat themselves to snacks and tender coconut that are available inside the zoo. Excellent mementos are available in a souvenir shop. Vehicle parking is available in an open area opposite the zoo. The parking fee collected is Rs.50/- for bus, Rs.30/- for mini-bus or tempo, Rs.10/- for cars and Rs.5/- for two wheelers. Rs.40 for adults, Rs. 10 for children over 5, Battery Operated Vehicle Tour Rs. 100/-, Rs.20/- for camera.

Shuka Vana
Shuka Vana, Mysore - Karthi Travels | Arni - Mysore Tour

Krishnaraja Sagara Dam
Krishnaraja Sagara Dam, Mysore - Karthi Travels | Arni - Mysore Tour

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Traveller in Arni Traveller Van in Arni Arni Travels Book Traveller in Arni Force Traveller Arni Tempo Traveller Arni Maxicab in Arni Maxicab Arni

Traveller in Arni Traveller Van in Arni Arni Travels Book Traveller in Arni Force Traveller Arni Tempo Traveller Arni Maxicab in Arni Maxicab Arni